The team of Luxury House Design is passionate about design and how it should work in tandem with architecture. With our artistic background, we believe people savour life more in a beautiful and sympathetically designed home. At LHD, we get to know our clients and what inspires them before undertaking conceptual work. We create designs that make the most of the available light and space, offering further potential with colour and materials.

We have worked in this field for 25 years across Europe, including the UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Italy and Portugal. This has given us a deep understanding of different cultures and properties as diverse as Châteaux and country estates to city apartments.

We speak English, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish and Italian.


Interior Decorator

Ghislaine has always been fascinated by the various textures and uses of fine materials, and her travels and experience of different cultures gives her a unique perspective of how to use them for her discerning clients.

Classic or contemporary, Ghislaine is adept at creating bespoke concepts that transition into incredibly elegant and avant-garde designs. She practices in the luxury design industry for over 20 years. Ghislaine and her team have an exceptional network of professional, highly-skilled artisans and suppliers, all coming together to bring a client’s dream to reality.

English, French, Portuguese

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